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Who Contributes To The Guild?

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The GoMe Coordinator


"The history of people is valuable to the population at large, but it is invaluable to those whom it inherently belongs.
In hearing their stories, we begin to understand the experience, strength, and hope
That have distinguished a people's shape, depth, and direction.
These stories, if told truthfully, also hold answers and knowledge, that can serve as guideposts for the future."
-David Drake

 As I look towards the future of the Guild of Messengers, I find that I must also pause for a moment and reflect upon the past. To take a step back, look upon those who came before, along with those who are with us now. Since joining the Uru community, I have met so many of them. When I look over my thoughts of these myriad individuals, I see the true scope of the variety and complexity of these people.

 While trying to arrive at a starting point for a manuscript such as this one, I came to realize the enormity of the task I have set for myself. Which tales should I include? What words of mine could do justice to the contributions of my fellow Messengers? After much thought and deliberation over the last several weeks, I made my decision. Like with so many other stories, I find I must start first at the beginning, and not the end.

 The “current” Guild of Messengers, as it is known today, can trace its lineage back to the original 18 “major” Guilds of the D'ni. Although we have only vague stories of the lives of such personages as the Grand Masters Taeri, Hamil, or the Guild Master Tejara, other information is on much better footing. Thanks to the work of the Guild of Archivists1, “The Guild of Messengers was responsible for delivering letters, messages, parcels, and supplies throughout the whole of the D'ni empire.” They go to quote the DRC stating, “Messengers managed all communication, both government and civilian, specific to the city and to other Ages. All evidence points to the task as being a huge responsibility and one not easily accomplished.” In this spirit, the mandate of the “restored” Guild of Messengers from the DRC was as follows:

[I]n the future, we hope that the new Guild of Messengers will be able to organize communications for explorers and the DRC. We hope to create a system whereby the Guild can carry out announcements, news events, important messages, and the like for all of those who visit the cavern.

Eventually, through time, this mandate transformed into the guild's various catchphrases such as “Delivering Uru news to the community” and “See a need, fill a need”, to the ultimate mission statement of the guild as it operates today, “To support a corps of volunteer journalists disseminating information within the Uru/Myst community.”

But, who precisely are these people called “Messengers”? Who are these often unseen individuals who report, translate, and distribute the news to the community? What were their hopes, and what are their dreams? What job does each one do, and what special “touch” does each one bring to contribute for both the guild, and the community as a whole?

The initial founders of this “restored” Guild of Messengers were a brave trio of people: Andros, Lynnutte, and Shimmerillion. May others also contributed to the guild during its formative stages. In one forum post, it listed the GoMe roster at an astounding 35 “active” Messengers, Affiliates, and Liaisons. Although I will attempt to mention as many as possible, I may well miss a few. This is due to the passage of time, various website transitions, and certain documents no longer being available within the guild's archives. Still, I will do my utmost to mention all those who contributed in one form or another during the various "eras" of the guild, and add additional members as my research time permits. I hope that current Messengers will contribute quotations of personal stories with the various individuals into their respective entries, and also about themselves.


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